For the construction of a 5,000 sq. ft. custom home in Sandwich, Massachusetts—located about a quarter mile from the ocean on Cape Cod—the project team needed a high-quality weather protection system with the performance to stand up to the region’s climate. They also wanted to avoid any installation hiccups that could lead to project schedule delays.

Distributor Shepley Wood Products knew TYPAR® DrainableWrap™ Peel and Stick would be an ideal solution because of its combination of performance and installation efficiency. The builder, Matt York, owner of York Building and Remodeling, has worked with Shepley for more than a decade and knew he could trust their recommendation.

“It’s a true team effort,” York said. “Whenever there’s something that comes out that they think is a good fit for us, they bring it to our attention. So when they brought up the TYPAR DrainableWrap Peel and Stick and thought it would be a good fit for this project, we were more than happy to give it a shot.”

Available in 4′10″ by 100′ rolls, DrainableWrap Peel and Stick covers more area than average peel-and-stick wraps and can be installed in any direction without affecting performance. York has had plenty of success with TYPAR’s other weather protection products over the years, but the Cape Cod project was his first experience with the company’s new peel-and-stick offering.

Cape Cod house close up

“We’ve done full peel-and-stick adhesives before, and a lot of the framing contractors or sidewallers will complain about it because it sticks to itself or it doesn’t adhere right,” he said. “TYPAR DrainableWrap Peel and Stick gives you the opportunity to yank it and pull it tight before it is applied to the plywood. With other brands that are full peel and stick, with the winds that we get, once the wind catches (the building wrap) and you’re rolling it out six feet, it just sticks together. So TYPAR DrainableWrap Peel and Stick was attractive not only from a quality standpoint, but from an efficiency standpoint, as well.”

In addition to the ease of working with TYPAR’s peel-and-stick adhesive, York said DrainableWrap Peel and Stick allowed framing contractor Anderson Framing and Remodeling to quickly make the structure water-tight, which allowed them to continue working on rainy days. He said it also avoided the need to go back and redo staples that often pull loose with traditionally applied building wraps due to the area’s high winds.

Knowing that the Cape Cod home would see plenty of rainfall each year, York was attracted to TYPAR DrainableWrap Peel and Stick’s drainage performance and permeability, as well. An integrated layer of multi-directional fibers creates an effective drainage gap that channels wind-driven rain and bulk water away from the structure. This results in a 94.8% drainage efficiency per ASTM E2273 testing, helping to prevent the potential damage caused by mold and rot. The wrap also offers an ideal perm rating—tight enough to protect the home against unwanted moisture but permeable enough to allow excess interior moisture to escape.

“You want a house to be tight, but you want it to breathe, as well. You don’t want to trap water. So it helps the overall performance of the house,” York said.

Ultimately, the team installed a complete TYPAR Weather Protection System on the home that consists of DrainableWrap Peel and Stick along with TYPAR tapes, flashings and accessories. The system perfectly balances water and air holdout with the ideal level of moisture vapor transmission while also improving the home’s overall energy efficiency. When installed together, the complete TYPAR Weather Protection System is covered by the only lifetime limited warranty in the industry that includes materials and labor, which was a major selling point for York Building and Remodeling.

“We use TYPAR flashings and tapes quite often, so it was a package deal, which was nice because if there are any warranty issues, we’re calling TYPAR, we’re not calling nine different companies that we got nine different flashings from,” York said.

“I’m definitely going to use (TYPAR DrainableWrap Peel and Stick) again,” he added. “I was impressed by it. It did its job in terms of efficiency, quality and sustainability. It’s going to hold up.”