Standard-Setting Performance.

The TYPAR® Weather Protection System doesn’t merely meet the standards. It sets them, defining a premium level of defense that the competition simply doesn’t measure up to. Let’s break it down, one clear advantage at a time.

Hardcore Holdout.

Blocking power is the number one ability you want in a weather-resistant barrier. Without a doubt, TYPAR® excels in this primary duty, stopping both water and air infiltration. It’s an exceptional choice for preventing the serious damage moisture can do. Not to mention, boosting the energy-efficiency of a home or building.

*Based on published results for hydrostatic head test according to AATCC 127 testing.

Optimal Breathability.

Controlling moisture is a must, but it’s not just about holdout. True control strikes the right balance between holdout and breathability. Because water can enter walls from the inside of a building—due to occupants’ activities like cooking and showering—it has to have a way to safely escape. TYPAR wraps get the balance just right. Others don’t.

*Based on published results according to ASTM E96-95 Procedure A testing. Competitor results based on published data.

Perfect Perm.

TYPAR is a polypropylene nonwoven breathable weather membrane. Its technologically-advanced design reduces the risk of moisture damage in the wall cavity unlike any other product on the market—and the facts support it.

Built-In UV Resistance.

The sun can degrade a wrap’s capacity to perform. And the truth is, all wraps just can’t stand up to the harsh rays. Thanks to integrated UV inhibitors, TYPAR® BuildingWrap™ can be left uncovered on the jobsite for up to 6 months and still meet code. TYPAR® MetroWrap™ extends that to a full year to help deal with unpredictable schedules and delays.

Engineered for Combat.

Out in the field, TYPAR wraps help prevent the forces of nature from doing all kinds of damage. That’s because they’re crafted with extreme ruggedness—and plenty of smarts—in mind.


Both fibers and coating are able to battle harsh rays.


Repels outside water, but allows interior moisture to escape.


A high-strength base layer that’s durable and breathable.

Industry-Leading Tear Strength.

If there’s one word that comes to mind with TYPAR, it’s tough. Our wraps’ tear strength far surpasses the competition, meaning that they will stand up far better to gusting winds and the unrelenting rigors of the jobsite.

Serious Surfactant-Resistance

Chemicals and soaps from powerwashing. Oils and tannins from natural woods. Bonding agents from stucco. Some substances just aren’t friendly to housewraps, leaving them vulnerable to performance loss. But not to worry with TYPAR. Our residential and commercial wraps are engineered for high levels of surfactant resistance and professional confidence.





Cleaning Techniques

Interested in the facts? We’ve got plenty.

Get more details, data, and an all-in-one-look at the complete system in our TYPAR Field Manual.