Why a Complete Weather Protection System is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Why a Complete Weather Protection System is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

The products used to build a home, office, commercial building or multifamily development must be strong enough to ensure that it stands up over time. Not only is it important for these structures to stand the test of time, but they must also stand up to the elements — during the building process and beyond.

TYPAR products have a proven track record of boosting energy efficiency and indoor air quality, all while keeping water and weather out. There is something to be said about selecting a high-quality product, but when that product’s performance has proven even more effective with additional system components, it only makes sense to use the system. In fact, TYPAR products are so effective as a system that the complete TYPAR® Weather Protection System is backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty that covers material and labor.

TYPAR already has a reputation of producing high-quality, durable products, but when used as a system — they are unbeatable. TYPAR building wraps perform exceptionally well on their own, but when combined with TYPAR Flashings and Construction Tape — completing the Weather Protection System — they’re virtually unstoppable.

  • The TYPAR weather-resistant barriers include TYPAR Buildingwrap™, Metrowrap™, and Drainablewrap™. These wraps bring superior strength (5x the competition) and intelligence to the task of defending walls and roofs from water, air and damaging rays — boasting better UV resistance and air and wall holdout than the competition.
  • TYPAR tapes are tough and versatile, ensuring seams, joints and corners are secured quickly and securely.
  • TYPAR flashings stick tight, install easily and stay true to the TYPAR reputation for higher performance. Consider these the essential components in sealing up rough openings.

TYPAR testing speaks for itself:

All TYPAR weather protection products are developed and tested to work together as a system, each supporting and enhancing the performance of the others.

Specifying a system like the TYPAR Weather Protection System allows for peace of mind covering both materials and labor. Thanks to the CCMC approval of a new tape that can withstand rigorous Canadian winters, TYPAR is now also able to offer this industry-leading system warranty in Canada.

While a building’s external appearance gets most of the spotlight, the story really starts beneath the surface, inside the building’s envelope. With the right products and proper installation, a building envelope not only helps control air and moisture intrusion but also serves as the cornerstone of a well-balanced, energy-efficient indoor environment.

Weather is unpredictable, so the quality of the products quality matters. It’s critical to choose an air barrier that not only meets the air permeability requirements of the code but is also robust enough to withstand the rigors of the jobsite. The TYPAR Weather Protection System works harmoniously to ensure maximum comfort for the people who live, work, eat and sleep within the building’s walls.

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