The building envelope is one of the most important components of design and construction of any new home or building. It is generally comprised of building materials and systems that protect the structure’s foundation, walls, and roofing systems from outside elements like rain and wind. Without this protection, buildings could be exposed to moisture intrusion, which can cause harmful mold growth and can even rot the structural components of a home. As a result, it is critical that the building envelope functions as intended.

This topic was highlighted in the latest edition of Frame Building News in the article “Managing Moisture in the Building Envelope.” This piece serves as a helpful tool for contractors, builders and even homeowners, who want to learn how to avoid moisture intrusion in exterior wall assemblies. Specifically, the article addresses:

  • Culprits of Moisture Intrusion
  • Diffusion Through the Envelope
  • WRBs: Managing Moisture in Walls
  • Roofs: Not All Underlayments Are Created Equal

Download the full article here.

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