TYPAR’s Partnership with Snavely Proves Beneficial for Both Brands

TYPAR’s Partnership with Snavely Proves Beneficial for Both Brands

A recognized leader in the wholesale lumber and building products industry, Snavely Forest Products has been working with TYPAR since 2010 and has become the largest distributor of our products in North America. Starting with distribution from just one location, the partnership between TYPAR and Snavely has grown substantially, with Snavely now distributing TYPAR products from five locations.

“TYPAR is an awesome partner and truly underscores our theme of ‘Building Business for our Partners’,” said Alexis Joseph, senior marketing manager, Snavely Forest Products.

TYPAR recently had the pleasure of presenting two awards to Snavely’s Liberty, North Carolina branch: one for being the single largest distributor of TYPAR products, and the other for being the single largest location that distributes TYPAR products. In 2021, the distributor eclipsed their own previous record-holding sales figure and sold over 66 times the amount of product from their first year.

“Snavely's partnership with TYPAR has been a win-win for both companies. They have consistently produced high sales and customer engagement throughout the years,” said Jake Phillips, sales director, TYPAR. “That said, I am honored to have presented them with the titles of Largest Distributor overall, and Largest Single Location at their Liberty branch for 2021. Snavely has gone above and beyond TYPAR’s expectation as a true partner which underpins our quality relationship moving forward.”

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