TYPAR Partners with Rescuing Families™, Inc. to Create Safer Homes for Families in Need

TYPAR Partners with Rescuing Families™, Inc. to Create Safer Homes for Families in Need

TYPAR recently partnered with Rescuing Families™, Inc., a New York-based charity whose goal is to assist homeowners struggling with disabilities and/or financial hardships with home rehab or modification. The organization was created to renovate houses between New York City and Long Island for families who could not make the repairs themselves due to disabilities or a lack of funds.

“Rescuing Families works to shed light on the daily challenges faced by individuals and families in our neighborhoods,” said Gina Centauro, co-founder of Rescuing Families. “These people desperately need help, and it is important for these families to know that there are people that want to help.”

After learning about the organization and its work in the community, TYPAR was eager to get involved. Through this partnership, TYPAR donated products to help with improvements to the Arcillas family’s home in Elmont, New York.

Kelly came out of the coma and has spent the last two and a half years in the hospital and nursing facility due to new disabilities. She is now paralyzed from her waist down, has lost 90% of her vision, and relies on a ventilator and gastronomy tube for nutrition. In order for Kelly to come home, modifications needed to be made to create an environment that could support her ongoing care and wheelchair.

In addition to accessibility improvements, creating a healthy indoor environment is of paramount importance to Rescuing Families. Pollutants such as chemicals, living organisms, or gases can negatively affect Indoor Air Quality and can pose serious health risks for people with compromised immune systems or other underlying medical conditions. And most of these pollutants come from inside the building itself.

Because Rescuing Families is working with some families whose health compromised, it becomes increasingly important to use products that help create a cleaner, safer environment. TYPAR Building Wrap™ safeguards healthy spaces and contributes to healthy IAQ, making it perfect for protecting the Arcillas family’s updated home from the elements. TYPAR is excited to continue to work with Rescuing Families on future projects and looks forward to the future of this partnership.

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