Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Housewrap

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Housewrap

1. Using low-quality housewrap

Not just any old wrap will do if you truly care about your projects – and your good name. TYPAR® BuildingWrap™ delivers unbeatable toughness, intelligence, and warranty backing and is engineered to block moisture from the outside while still allowing walls to breathe.

TYPAR BuildingWrap is built to take the rigors of rough and tumble jobsites boasting tear strength that’s 5x better than the competition.

When building in a costal climate with more than 20 inches of rain a year, TYPAR DrainableWrap™ is the superior option. Only TYPAR DrainableWrap combines industry-leading weather protection with the ability to shed excess water faster than conventional housewraps. Enhanced drainability, however, does not mean extra steps. TYPAR DrainableWrap installs just like regular TYPAR BuildingWrap.

Block It House Wrap     Drainable House Wrap

2. Improper window installation and flashing

Windows can be installed before or after the building wrap is installed. If installing the windows after the building wrap is installed, cut the openings according to the instructions, pull each of the flaps tightly into the opening, and attach them with staples or nails. As an alternative, the windows can be installed after the building wrap has been installed and flashed. It is important to flash all seams and flanges securely following TYPAR flashing instructions and according to the ASTM 2112 standard, remembering to extend the flashing one inch on both top and bottom.

No matter the conditions, TYPAR flashings:

  • Stick tight and install easily. 
  • Doesn’t get brittle when it’s bitterly cold out
  • Suitable for installation down to 0° F.
  • Stays stable and strong when temperatures climb.

With a split poly backing and the power to self-seal around nail penetrations, it makes your job easier, too.

Tough and versatile, TYPAR construction tapes ensure you quickly and securely seal seams, joints, corners, and more. The tapes feature an exclusive, easy-tear edge so you can apply it quickly, and you can count on the pressure-sensitive adhesive to grab on aggressively. Like our wraps, it’s both UV- and weather-resistant.

Waterproofing Flashing Tape

3. Having an improper amount of overlap

  • Building wrap should be installed from the foundation upward
  • Make sure to overlap joints with the higher course overlapping the lower.
  • Start at the bottom of one end of the wall with the printed side facing out.
  • When starting at a corner, overlap by a minimum of 12”.
  • Place the building wrap roll horizontally and roll out the first course evenly, covering rough window and door openings.
  • A minimum of a 1" (25.4 mm) overlap on the sill plate is required.
  • For maximum protection, a 2-4"(51-102 mm) overlap on the sill plate is recommended.
  • Be sure to pull the building wrap snug and avoid wrinkles and creases.
  • Proper building wrap overlaps, vertically and horizontally 4” to 6”.
  • When installing a second roll on the wall from a vertical seam, overlap this seam by 6” (12” if at the corner).

4. Not using the correct fastening agents

Plastic cap nails or plastic cap staples are highly recommended for fastening the building wrap. Simply put, the use of caps seals holes made by the penetration of the fasteners. Studies show that homes where cap nails and cap staples were used to attach housewrap resisted air infiltration and water holdout better than those where caps weren’t used. If water is allowed to enter through the staple holes, it becomes trapped, creating the perfect conditions for rot and mold. The more holes, the better the chance for complications and negative long-term effects on the building envelope. 

Alternatively, self-adhering peel and stick building wraps like TYPAR DrainableWrap™ Peel and Stick eliminate the need for nails and staples all together.

Further streamlining installation. TYPAR DrainableWrap Peel and Stick house wrap pairs the unique drainage benefits of TYPAR DrainableWrap with the ease and speedy install of a peel-and-stick application.

  • DrainableWrap Peel and Stick is available in 5’ x 100’ rolls to cover more area than average peel and stick wraps
  • Can be installed in any direction without affecting performance.
  • Offers wide cold temperature range and can be installed at temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C).

Weather Smart Wrap

5. Not using a compatible system

Proper housewrap installation and compatibility of each component of the building enclosure is critical for an air barrier system to work as intended, and TYPAR offers a complete Weather Protection System comprised of our high-performance building wraps, tapes, flashings, and accessories—all designed to work together to provide ultimate weather protection.

TYPAR is the only brand that has the capability to manufacture every component of its flashings, tapes, and weather-resistant barriers. This allows us to be fully committed to delivering products that provide the highest performance in the defense against air and moisture intrusion. As a mark of our confidence, the TYPAR Weather Protection System comes with the industry’s best Lifetime Limited system and labor warranty for added peace-of-mind.

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