TYPAR is excited to welcome Sherwood Lumber as an exclusive premier distributor of its high-performance weather protection products in the New York Tristate area, Mid-Atlantic, and select New England states. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, combining Sherwood’s vision of being the leader in exterior building products and outdoor living with TYPAR's innovative solutions.

“Our partnership with TYPAR aligns seamlessly with Sherwood Lumber’s strategic vision of spearheading the exterior building products and outdoor living industry,” said Todd London, Senior Vice President of Sherwood Lumber. “This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for Sherwood, where we capitalize on our unique strengths to drive transformative growth and deliver unparalleled value to our customers.”

Sherwood strives to transcend the role of a mere logistics company, assuming accountability for broader market development, brand amplification and education. By fostering strong partnerships and promoting collaborative growth, the distributor helps shape the market's trajectory while elevating the collective understanding of its stakeholders.

As one of the last large, independent two-step distributors, Sherwood Lumber can operate with agility and a long-term perspective. Its decisions are driven by the interests of its customers and guided by a strategic outlook. Free from the short-term demands of external shareholders, the company is able to prioritize its customers' needs and ensure their success in the long run.

“We are excited for the new partnership between TYPAR and Sherwood Lumber,” said Jake Phillips, TYPAR Sales Director. “Sherwood exemplifies everything TYPAR looks for in a partner—unbeatable customer service, intimate product knowledge, long-standing customer relationships and an unwavering commitment to reliability and delivering quality products.”

With this exclusive premier partnership, Sherwood Lumber looks to set a new industry standard for service, expertise and dedication. By combining TYPAR’s cutting-edge solutions with Sherwood’s specialized approach, the two companies are poised to deliver growth, innovation and exceptional value to their customers.

“It’s an exciting time in the TYPAR business with three new product launches this year for the US markets—TYPAR® DrainableWrap™ Peel & Stick, TYPAR® DrainableWrap™ Commercial and the forthcoming TYPAR® Header Wrap,” said Andrew Irvine, Product Manager of TYPAR Building and Construction. “We remain committed to innovation and look forward to partnering with distributors like Sherwood on introducing best-in-class, sustainable products that address the ever-evolving needs of the market. And our 100% vertically integrated business unit with local North American manufacturing operations enables us to be the only building materials manufacturer offering a lifetime warranty on its system of wraps, flashings and tapes.”

About Sherwood Lumber

Founded in 1954, Sherwood Lumber is a national leader, innovator and solution provider to the lumber and building materials industry. Sherwood Lumber provides customers with value-added services, including just-in-time truckloads, mill direct shipment, forward pricing, risk management, technical support, and superior handling from company-operated facilities.

Sherwood Lumber's exterior division is an essential bridge between manufacturers and the one-step and lumberyard channels. Sherwood provides marketing support, pull and push sales efforts and efficient logistic solutions to product lines that have rigorous demands in terms of in-depth SKU requirements and complex logistical requirements in the new construction, residential and multifamily segments.