TYPAR® Announces Partnership with Rafferty Wholesale

TYPAR® Announces Partnership with Rafferty Wholesale

OLD HICKORY, Tenn. – TYPAR®, a Berry Global brand and leading provider of high-performance building wrap, construction tape, flashing and accessories, has announced a new partnership with Rafferty Wholesale to expand distribution of its products throughout New England, making it easier than ever for builders and contractors to bring the benefits of the TYPAR Weather Protection System to their next build.

Based in Sterling, Massachusetts, Rafferty Wholesale serves retail lumber yards, hardware stores, mason yards and hardscape yards throughout New England.

“Our customers in the northeast know better than most how important reliable weather protection and moisture management is for every build,” said Jake Phillips, sales director, TYPAR. “It’s an important market for TYPAR, and our customers will be in good hands with Rafferty Wholesale on our team.”

“Rafferty Wholesale is extremely excited to partner with the TYPAR line of building wraps and flashing tapes. With TYPAR’s industry-leading lifetime warranty on material and labor, teaming up with them made perfect sense when the opportunity presented itself,” said Sean Lorden, president, Rafferty Wholesale. “TYPAR’s new DrainableWrap™ Peel and Stick building wrap is a game-changing product. It allows the contractor to reposition the wrap and doesn’t stick to itself. This allows for virtually no waste during installation over our competition.”

For more information on Rafferty Wholesale, visit https://www.raffertyaluminum.com/