New TYPAR Construction Tape Added to List of CCMC-Approved Products

New TYPAR Construction Tape Added to List of CCMC-Approved Products

The Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) recently added the new TYPAR® Construction Tape to its list of approved products, making the complete TYPAR Weather Protection System available to the Canadian market for the first time. Builders throughout Canada can now rely on the company’s industry-leading limited lifetime warranty that covers both labor and materials when the complete TYPAR Weather Protection System—which consists of TYPAR BuildingWrap, Flashing, and Construction Tape—is installed. The TYPAR Weather Protection System offers superior air and water holdout, exceptional tear strength, and optimal breathability.

According to the National Research Council Canada, what sets the CCMC certification apart is based on the specific types of testing performed: “In contrast with product testing or certification, which is specific to a particular method or standard criteria, a CCMC evaluation report encompasses all applicable code requirements based on the intended functions and uses of the material, product, or system. The CCMC follows the prescribed ‘alternative solution’ pathway required by Division A of all Canadian building codes, ensuring that CCMC-evaluated products meet at least the minimum level of performance required by the code, based on the objectives and functional statements attributed to relevant acceptable solutions.”

CCMC is tasked with evaluating new and existing products to ensure their compliance with Canadian building, energy, and safety codes, which ultimately helps manufacturers get market approval in the Canadian construction industry. For construction tapes in particular, the organization tests the product’s pliability, ability to withstand cracking, and temperature application—all of which are especially important in Canadian climate zones.

With 2+ years in development, TYPAR Construction Tape installs fast, sticks tight, and packs plenty of versatility. The exclusive, easy-tear edge allows for quick application, while the pressure-sensitive adhesive grabs on aggressively. The tape is both UV- and weather-resistant for outdoor applications up to 180 days, is mold and moisture resistant, and can be applied in cold conditions down to -10°C (14°F). Applications include sealing and seaming joints and overlaps in house wrap and interior/exterior vapor barriers, sealing exterior wall sheathing joints and extruded foam products, sealing window and door flanges or frames, or patching jobsite damage caused to wall sheathing and house wraps.

“TYPAR products are the real deal, and it is important to us that all of our products and systems are available in all markets,” said Andrew Irvine, product manager for TYPAR. “Having our tape approved by CCMC was the missing piece of the puzzle needed to ensure the Canadian market has access to TYPAR’s high-performance Weather Protection System and the industry’s leading system warranty.”

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