How Temperature Guides Flashing Selection

How Temperature Guides Flashing Selection

The elements prove to be a fair-weather friend, but no matter when, no matter where, TYPAR® can take it. From extreme conditions outside, to moisture inside, to the rigors of the construction site, the TYPAR Weather Protection System – comprised of our building wraps, flashings, and tapes – is always the best defense.

When considering which products will be the best fit for a particular building project, climate is always a major consideration. So, when the elements act up, the products you’re using must be able to stand up to them. This is especially true when it comes to flashings – which need to be able to stick strong, otherwise the rest of the system could inevitably fail. Environmental variables like ice buildup, rain, or the elements in general, can weaken the flashing’s adhesive, so ensuring your flashings can withstand harsh weather is essential.

There are a few things to consider when deciding which flashings are the right product for your project. Ideally, flashings are easy to install, can withstand variations in temperature and climate, bond well to a variety of substrates, and are durable for an extended period. Fortunately, TYPAR Flashings stick tight, install easily, and perform against the elements in harsh climates – hot or cold.

“Contractors are building throughout the year, so the products they use must be able to withstand weather changes,” explains Roland Horst, product development manager for Berry Global. “In warmer areas, for example, the building’s wood will expand, therefore expanding the flashing. Ensuring that the flashing will stay strong enough to hold, even through temperature changes, is the most important thing to look for when choosing flashings. That is why we are so proud of the TYPAR product line of flashings. They stand up to the elements.” ­­

When designing and manufacturing a flashing tape, it is vital to consider the entire balance of adhesive properties. UV-cured acrylic adhesives outperform rubberized asphalt and synthetic rubbers in long-lasting durability, operating temperature, and surface compatibility while offering unique capabilities such as custom formulation and tape repositionability. Flashing tapes incorporating UV-cured acrylic adhesives represent next-generation products, and provide high-quality, must-have performance options to building envelope manufacturers, architects, contractors, and builders.

The TYPAR flashing product line offers three distinct options to serve any building need you may have. They do all have one thing in common, though; the strength and conformability needed for complete sealing around curved windows, window flanges, sill plates, corners, and joints. The quick-application, peel-and-stick flashings are made of two plies: a high-density polyethylene film mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and a release sheet. This makes for a highly durable solution for blocking air and moisture.

  • TYPAR All-Temperature Flashing, the TYPAR extreme-conditions champ, doesn’t get brittle when exposed to the bitter cold (making it suitable for installation down to 0° F,) while also staying stable and strong when temperatures climb. Our All-Temperature Flashing makes any job easier with a split poly backing and the power to self-seal around nail penetrations.
  • TYPAR Butyl Flashing is an everyday, go-to, affordable flashing formulated for performance and containing VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It boasts compatibility with most caulks and sealants used for window installation and performs over a broad temperature range, delivering a durable, long-lasting seal (which aren’t benefits you’ll get with rubberized asphalt-based alternatives).
  • TYPAR Flexible Flashing offers incredible strength and conformability. This quick-to-apply, peel-and-stick flashing provides complete sealing around curved windows, window flanges, still plates, corners, and joints. Thanks to a two-ply oriented, high-density polyethylene film mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet, the flexible flashing is a highly durable solution for blocking air and moisture.

So, now that we have hammered home the importance of using a durable flashing that is able to protect against the elements, we must also communicate the importance of having a compatible system that allows a flashing to work successfully. TYPAR provides construction pros with the most complete lineup in the industry for defending homes from the conditions. The TYPAR Weather Protection System offers superior performance, and we are so assured of that performance, we offer the only lifetime limited warranty coverage in the business.

The moral of the story—no matter what conditions you are building in, TYPAR provides the right solution for superior performance.

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