TYPAR Flashings & Tape

TYPAR Flashings & Tape

TYPAR Flashings & Tape

Finish up smart to seal it off tight.

TYPAR® Flashings and Construction Tape aren't mere accessories or support players. They're integral components for assuring that building envelopes perform at peak levels. And, when used with the full TYPAR® Weather Protection System, they're backed by a lifetime limited warranty.*

Here's a look at the leading features and benefits:

TYPAR®  All-Temperature  Flashing.
TYPAR All-Temperature Flashing protects against moisture penetration at windows, doors, and through-wall entry points. Count on maximum adhesion to OSB, plywood, aluminium, vinyl, and the building wrap – even in extreme temperature conditions. It is suitable for installation in temperatures as low as 0o F (-18o C), stable up to 180o F (82o C) and capable of adhering to wet surfaces. 

TYPAR® Flexible Flashing.
A conformable, composite peel-and-stick flashing product, ideal to flash around curved windows. Use it on window flanges, sill plates, corners, and joints to improve air and moisture holdout. Based on a two-ply oriented, high-density polyethylene film, mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet. 

TYPAR® Butyl Flashing.
Designed for affordability and easy installation, TYPAR Butyl Flashing has the basics covered. But even better, it's formulated without VOCs and it's compatible with most caulks and sealants used for window installation. Unlike rubberized asphalt-based flashings, it performs over a broader temperature range, delivering a durable, longer-lasting seal. 

TYPAR® Construction Tape.
TYPAR Construction Tape installs fast, sticks tight, and offers the versatility you count on. Seal flanges, corners, joints, seams, and more on residential and commercial jobs alike. Apply in cold conditions down to 0o F (-18o C). Both UV- and weather-resistant, TYPAR Construction Tape won't deteriorate over time, providing years of reliable performance. 

*Certain limitations and exclusions apply. See the TYPAR Weather Protection System Limited Warranty for full details.

Flashings & Tape – Typical Characteristics

TYPAR All-Temperature Flashing    
Roll Sizes   4” x 75 ft
6” x 75 ft
9” x 75 ft
12” x 75 ft
90 Peel Adhesion (per AAMA 711-07)  Block Copolymer
- Plywood   5.0 lb/in
- OSB   3.8 lb/in
- Facer   4.6 lb/in
Mold Growth(per ASTM G-21)No Growth
 Application Temp    0o to 180oF (-18o C to 82o C)
 Nail Sealability (per AAMA 711-07)   Pass
 UV Stability    6 months
TYPAR Flexible Flashing    
Roll Sizes   6” x 75 ft
9” x 75 ft
Adhesive   Butyl Rubber Copolymer
Recommended Exposure Limit   180 days
Low Temperature Flexibility (per ASTM D_903) Pass
Nail Sealability (per ASTM D_1970) Pass
Tensile Strength (per ASTM D_2523) Pass
TYPAR Construction Tape    
Roll sizes   1-7/8” x 55 yards
16 rolls per carton
Peel Adhesion (PSTC-1)* Immediate:
TYPAR – 35 oz/in
Stainless Steel – 75 oz/in
Tensile Strength (PSTC-31)* 20 lbs/in
Elongation   1.36%
Temperature Resistance:   0o F (-18o C) – Min Application Temperature
230o F (110o C) – Max Use Temperature
* Pressure Sensitive Tape Council    

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