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It is one of a kind. Only TYPAR® DrainableWrap combines the industry-leading advantages of our weather-beating material with the ability to shed excess water.

Works fast.

Thanks to an integrated layer of randomly oriented fibers, TYPAR DrainableWrap has an effective drainage gap that gives it the ability to shed excess moisture faster than conventional housewraps.

Installs efficiently.

Enhanced drainability doesn’t mean extra steps. TYPAR DrainableWrap goes up just like TYPAR® BuildingWrap™. Plus, you can install it in any direction without affecting the performance.


TYPAR DrainableWrap is ready to go to work right alongside our full lineup of high-performance flashings, tapes, and accessories. Put it all up together to shut down all points of unwanted intrusion.

It’s drainable. And it’s TYPAR®.

Those two simple facts are significant. No other product brings together the capability to shed excess water with the exceptional tear strength, holdout, and breathability our material is known for. Are you building in a wet, coastal climate that gets more than 20 inches of rain a year? You’ve just found your wrap.


Sheds bulk water.

Exceeds minimum code requirements for drainability.

Delivers holdout power.

Exceptional ability to block water and air intrusion.

Breathes safely.

Optimal perm rating allows moisture to safely escape interiors.

Holds tighter during construction.

Tear-strength 5x greater than the competition.

Stands up to sunlight.

Leave exposed for up to six months with no UV degradation.

DrainableWRAP SPECS.


Install the system. Get a lifetime limited warranty.* TYPAR DrainableWrap, along with the full TYPAR® Weather Protection System, delivers coverage and confidence that can’t be touched. That’s why we call it the best in the business.

Lifetime Limited



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Leading Competitor

Leading Competitor

Lifetime Limited



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*TYPAR DrainableWrap is part of the TYPAR lifetime limited system warranty when used with the complete TYPAR Weather Protection System. Certain limitations and exclusions apply. See the TYPAR Weather Protection System Limited Warranty for full details located online at

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