Moisture Control

Moisture control in the wall cavity is essential to reducing the risk of moisture damage and has a profound long-term effect on value and integrity of a home or building.

Water and walls? Never a good combination.

Controlling moisture is a must. Not only to reduce the risk of damage, but also to safeguard the long-term value and integrity of a structure. The TYPAR® Weather Protection System defends walls with superior performance both during construction and after the cladding is up. It's all about striking the perfect balance of holdout and breathability.

Our system acts as a primary water-stopping line of defense during the building phase. But water can also enter a wall cavity from the inside as a home or building is occupied. That's why TYPAR® Building Wraps are designed to deliver an optimal perm rating that allows walls to breathe and moisture to escape.

Water and walls? Never a good combination.

On average, a single-family home produces 3-6 gallons of moisture vapor every day.

When moisture gets trapped in the wall cavity, it can lead to all sorts of problems.