TYPAR - The #1 Building Wrap in North America

More builders and distributors have decided to use and sell TYPAR BuildingWrap exclusively this year, taking advantage of the great value and benefits of the TYPAR® Weather Protection System.

TYPAR - The #1 Building Wrap in North America

This year many builders and distributors have taken advantage of the great value and benefits of the TYPAR Weather Protection System. Like Benchmark Communities, several other distributors have chosen to sell TYPAR BuildingWrap exclusively.

One such group is Kempsville Building Supply, a division of Carter Lumber, which began in the 1930s. The original owner started working there at age 15 and eventually bought out the company. Early this century, the company sold to Stock Building Supply, Partner Lumber. Now they have five locations throughout the US and have chosen to convert exclusively to TYPAR BuildingWrap for their building needs. In addition, a new TYPAR Specialist, Mike LaPorte, joined the Snavely Forest Products team and currently works out of Dallas, TX.

Among others who became exclusive TYPAR distributors are Dixie Plywood located in Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL, as well as Amerhart in West Salem, WI. 

In addition, Dan Ryan Builders has been an exclusive TYPAR dealer for the last six years and now they have expanded to cities such as Charleston, Raleigh, Atlanta, and areas like West Virginia and Maryland. They have recently more than doubled their number of homes built each year.

TYPAR is also excited to announce that D.R. Horton, the #1 builder in America, has approved the full line of TYPAR Weather Protection System products in every market. This new agreement is anticipated to expand opportunities for TYPAR BuildingWrap but also to include the use of TYPAR Geosynthetics as well.

If you have questions or want to know how to become a TYPAR Distributor or Specialist, please contact buildingandgeosynthetics@avintiv.com