TYPAR Flashing Panels

Stop intrusion with confidence. And speed.

Through-wall penetrations can be a time-consuming challenge. And if not sealed off properly, they become weak points that leave a building envelope vulnerable. TYPAR Flashing Panels are designed for the tasks of blocking air leakage and water intrusion in some of the trickiest places of all - and for helping you do the job fast.

Here's a look at the leading features and benefits:

    Full lineup.
    Electrical, plumbing and A/C panels available in options to fit various pipe types and sizes. 
    Simple and efficient. 
    Self-seals around fasteners. 
    Project versatility.
    Works with most types of cladding.
    Installation flexibility.
    Install electrical and plumbing panels before or after building wrap.
    Paintable A/C panels blend with home exterior.