TYPAR BuildingWrap

TYPAR BuildingWrap

TYPAR BuildingWrap

Other weather barriers out there just don't measure up.

Think of it this way. TYPAR® BuildingWrap is more than an extra layer of protection that secures the building envelope from the outside. It's also an added level of assurance that homes and structures will feel more comfortable on the inside.

TYPAR BuildingWrap eliminates drafts in the wall, which helps reduce energy costs. Plus, the TYPAR® material itself will not support the growth of mold or disintegrate over time. And that means more confidence and fewer worries over the long haul.

Install our complete system of TYPAR Building Wraps, Flashings, and Construction Tape and get the backing of a lifetime limited warranty.*

*Certain limitations and exclusions apply. See the TYPAR Weather Protection System Limited Warranty for full details.

TYPAR BuildingWrap delivers key advantages you won't find with other building wraps:

    Extraordinary tear strength.
    5x better than the competition. 
    Exceptional holdout. 
    Blocks air and water from getting in. 
    Optimal breathability.
    Lets moisture inside the wall cavity escape.
    Excellent surfactant resistance.
    Reduces damage from oils, tannins, and soaps.
    Superior UV stability.
    No degradation from sunlight for up to six months of exposure. 
    Incredible versatility.
    Able to be used under most types of cladding. 

For Residential / Light Commercial Applications – Typical Characteristics

Roll Sizes   5 ft x 100 ft
4.5 ft x 200 ft
9 ft x 100 ft
9.5 ft x 95 ft
9 ft x 150 ft
9 ft x 195 ft
10 ft x 100 ft
10 ft x 150 ft
10 ft x 195 ft
Basis Weight (ASTM D5261) nominal 2.8 osy 21.0 lbs/1000ft2
Thickness (ASTM D1777) 12.9 mils
Bursting Strength (ASTM D3786) 66 psi
Dry Tensile Strength (ASTM D5034) 80 lbs md, 87 lbs xd
Trapezoidal Tear (ASTM D1117 / ASTM D5733) 30 lbs md, 33 lbs xd
Pliability (AC38) Pass
Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance (AATCC 127-1995) 865 cm
Gurley Hill Porosity (TAPPI T-460) > 2500 sec/100 cc
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (ASTM E96-95, procedure A) 11.7 U.S. perms
Ultraviolet Light Exposure Resistance (UV)   6 months
‘Air-Ins’ (Air Leakage Test) (CCMC Technical Guide MF-07273) .0032L/(S.M2)
Water Resistance Test (Boat Test) (ASTM D779) Pass
Water Ponding Test (CCMC Technical Guide MF-07193) Pass
Surface Burning Characteristics (ASTM E84)  
Flame Spread Index   Class A
Smoke Developed Index   Pass

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