SURROUND VR Underlayment

Backed by the manufacturers of proven TYPAR® Weather Protection System barriers, TYPAR Surround® VR Underlayment is one more component in the line of defense against the elements.

Surround your home with protection.

The roofing deck is the area that supports the actual roofing material, and protecting it from moisture is key to assuring the lifespan of the roof and the long-term durability of the home.

Whether your roof is covered with shingles, shakes, tile, slate, or metal, be sure it’s protected with SURROUND VR Underlayment. A smart alternative to felt, it is water’s toughest opponent, creating a secondary water barrier that reduces the incidence of leaks caused by storm damage, wind-driven rain, ice dams, and worn roofing materials. It is a waterproof, synthetic polymer material that will protect your homes against moisture intrusion.

Start protecting your home at the top with Surround VR Underlayment.

In addition to superior weather protection, SURROUND VR Underlayment offers five key advantages:

  • Stronger - 10 times stronger than 30# felt for the ultimate tear resistance, so it will not blow off during installation and helps eliminate the need for costly roof repair.
  • Drier - the unique slip-resistant surface is waterproof to prevent moisture issues.
  • Lighter - up to seven times lighter than 30# felt so it's easy to carry onto a roof.
  • Faster - in addition to having five times more underlayment per roll than felt, the rolls are also 25 percent wider for quicker roof deck coverage.
  • Secure - SURROUND VR Underlayment meets the more stringent requirements of ICC AC48-Acceptance Criteria for Roof Underlayment for Use in Severe Climate Areas.

For Residential / Light Commercial Applications – Typical Characteristics

Roll Specifications:

Pallet information:
Rolls per Pallet
Pallet Weight
Pallet Dimensions
250 ft / 76.2m
48 in / 122 cm
23 lbs / 10.2 kgs
10 sq / 93 m2

1350 lbs / 612 kgs
40” x 48” x 45”  / 102 x 122 x 112 cm

Class A Fire
(ASTM E108)Pass
Nail Sealability Modified
(ASTM D1970)
Water Permeability
(ASTM E96)
No dripping
Water Transmission
(ASTM D4869)
Tear Strength
(ASTM D4533)
Machine Direction – 15 lbs
Cross Direction - 17 lbs
Tensile Strength (ASTM D751) Machine Direction – 80 lbs
Cross Direction - 65 lbs
Elongation(ASTM D751)
Machine Direction – 19%
Cross Direction - 18%
Weight per Square (ASTM D5261) 2.3 lbs / 1.02 kgs

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