The Construction Specifier E-Book: Exploring Air and Water-Resistive Barriers

The Construction Specifier and TYPAR® recently teamed up for an in-depth look at best practices for managing airflow and moisture intrusion within wall assemblies in the e-book, Exploring Air and Water-Resistive Barriers. Through a curated collection of technical articles, the four-part e-book explores:

  • the details of air barrier assemblies, specifically those systems comprising weather-resistant barrier components and building wraps
  • why airtight standards for energy-efficiency have created new challenges for moisture management that cannot be neglected
  • the impact of recent code changes and the potential implications of various compliance approaches, including examples of gaps between codes as they relate to design and performance in the built world
  • the trends found during the testing of tapes and flashings, particularly as they relate to adherence, durability and their ability to accommodate movement.

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