Builders and contractors have yet another solution from TYPAR® to help construct energy-efficient homes and buildings with the addition of the new TYPAR® Double-Sided Seaming Tape. Designed specifically to seal seams created during housewrap installation, TYPAR Double-Sided Seaming Tape provides an installer-friendly solution to achieving a high-performance wall assembly. 

So, what is the big deal with double-sided seaming tape? Why should more builders start to use double-sided tape as part of their weather-resistive barrier system?

Overlap of Seams

Taping a horizontal seam creates a reverse lap at the top of the tape, and the potential for moisture intrusion. The better solution is to use TYPAR Double-Sided Seaming Tape to help seal out air and water on horizontal overlap seams.

Shingling Effect

Builders know, when it comes to the drainage plane… you shingle. The overlapping of upper and lower layers of housewrap preserves the shingling effect, helping direct water away from the building. This promotes the dryness in the wall cavity.


TYPAR Double-Sided Seaming Tape offers superior performance capabilities, with excellent adhesion to TYPAR® Building Wraps. The product tears easily which allows for a quick install, saving time on the job. As labor shortage is becoming a more prominent issue, finding ways to save time is crucial.

Energy Efficiency

Last but most definitely not least, using a specially engineered adhesive like TYPAR Double-Sided Seaming Tape as part of your housewrap assembly can help ensure the integrity of the building envelope by helping improve air and moisture holdout. Reducing the excess flow of air through the building envelope will in turn, potentially save homeowners money by reducing the overall energy costs.  

With the addition of double-sided tape, installers now have several options from TYPAR to create a continuous barrier that will help protect homes against air and moisture intrusion. Used as part of the complete TYPAR Weather Protection System, builders and contractors receive a lifetime limited warranty that includes labor and materials. 

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